Timesys Launches LinuxLink 5.0 Support for the Boundary Devices Nitrogen7

Embedded Linux development solution enables quick and easy jump start of secure and portable IoT applications

Pittsburgh, Pa. – May 18, 2016 — Timesys Corporation (https://timesys.com), provider of the award-winning LinuxLink suite of embedded Linux tools, today announced the addition of the Boundary Device Nitrogen7 single board computer as a fully supported platform in LinuxLink 5.0.

Timesys’ Yocto Project Compatible LinuxLink 5.0 leverages the Boundary Devices Nitrogen7 reference Linux Board Support Package (BSP) definition. In addition, it offers both Factory and Bakery, a set of tools that helps to accelerate embedded Linux development by enabling quick and easy customization of the NXP i.MX7 BSP and SDK — without any prior knowledge of Yocto Project technology.

The Boundary Devices Nitrogen7 is a single board computer based on the i.MX 7 series applications processor from NXP which utilizes both ARM® Cortex®-A7 and Cortex-M4 cores. The Nitrogen7 leverages the ability to run sophisticated operating systems (embedded Linux and FreeRTOS™) and provide real-time responsiveness of the power-efficient i.MX 7, making it ideal for the development of secure and portable Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Using LinuxLink 5.0, developers can harness the flexibility of the Nitrogen7 and customize feature-rich applications by choosing from the hundreds of packages / middleware offered through LinuxLink.

“We are excited that Timesys has extended their LinuxLink offering to include support for the Nitrogen7. Combined with their knowledge and expertise in heterogeneous computing, Timesys’ support and services offering provides a total solution for developers building embedded Linux based products,” said Pejman Kalkhoran, CFO at Boundary Devices. “Our continued partnership with Timesys will ensure our customers’ success in developing robust embedded Linux based applications that leverage the general purpose programmable processing of the NXP i.MX 7 multicore processor.”

The LinuxLink 5.0 offering is available to customers worldwide and is backed by Timesys’ expert commercial Linux support and by Timesys’ services, which can be leveraged to offload parts of a customer’s software development effort. In addition, Timesys offers an assortment of training options including topics such as Yocto Project development, getting started with embedded Linux and device drivers. Timesys-delivered training is designed to help engineering teams gain the understanding and knowledge necessary to develop and maintain embedded Linux based products.

“We are pleased to extend our embedded Linux offering to include the Boundary Devices Nitrogen7 which takes advantage of the heterogeneous asymmetric architecture of the NXP i.MX 7 series applications processor,” said Dr. Rakesh Thapar, CTO at Timesys. “The Nitrogen7 is a great choice for developing secure and portable IoT applications. Engineering teams can rely on our heterogeneous computing expertise to help them get their product to market in the quickest time possible. As a long-time partner of both Boundary Devices and NXP, our continued partnership further ensures our mutual customers will enjoy a development experience that is focused on their success.”

Developers attending the NXP 2016 FTF Technology Forum can see a digital audio delay effects demo running at the Timesys pedestal #304. The Timesys-built Asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) demo featuring the Boundary Devices Nitrogen7 shows the Cortex-A7 core running a full-blown embedded Linux operating system, complete with Qt 5 graphics, which acts as a front end to the Cortex-M4 running FreeRTOS, which is running real-time digital audio effects.

For more information about Timesys’ LinuxLink 5.0 visit www.timesys.com/linuxlink.

About Timesys

Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in providing embedded Linux and Android solutions. Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development toolset that dramatically simplifies and speeds up embedded Linux application development and product lifecycle maintenance. A total solution that fits teams of all sizes and experience levels, LinuxLink includes pre-tested software, powerful suite of development tools for building feature-rich applications and debugging. LinuxLink enables developers to deliver high-quality, differentiated products based on open source Linux in a cost-effective, predictable manner. Timesys is an NXP Proven Partner. For more information, visit www.timesys.com.

About Boundary Devices

Boundary Devices is a leading global supplier of ARM-based single board computers and System-on-Modules for the general embedded market. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Chandler, AZ, Boundary Devices is an NXP/Freescale Proven Partner and have completed numerous successful projects with the i.MX family of processors. Begin development work with our single board computer boards, use our System-on-Module or custom design services to get to market quickly and for a reasonable price. All boards are manufactured in the USA by specialist service providers in accordance with modern quality standards. All hardware is designed and tested in our Chandler, AZ facility. For more information, visit www.boundarydevices.com.

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Timesys is an NXP Proven Partner
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