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Timesys Customers

Timesys products and services have been used across many industries, such as consumer electronics, medical, automotive, telecommunications, industrial control/process automation, and military/aerospace. Timesys has served more than one thousand customers whose satisfaction reflects our commitment to delivering complete Linux-based products and services along with high-quality, in-depth, responsive technical support.


Products that were brought to market or are actively under development by Timesys customers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Portable GPS device
  • High-performance video projectors
  • Neurological treatment device
  • Vending machines
  • Leak detection device
  • Multifunction printer
  • Portable WiFi communicator
  • Web conferencing appliance
  • Optical switching platform
  • Digital picture frame
  • Mobile data gateway
  • In-car entertainment bridge
  • Network switch
  • Intercom systems
  • Wearable computers
  • Ultrashort pulse laser system
  • Wireless X-Ray machine
  • Compact TV tuner
  • Speech recognition devices
  • Biometric sensing device
  • Digital entertainment & imaging products
  • Networked electric car charging systems
  • Commercial in-flight entertainment systems

“You can get stuck on something, and getting an answer to a question can really get you moving again. That makes LinuxLink worth a subscription.”

John Crittenden, Manager of Software Development, OLDI

“The quality of Timesys’ custom Linux build, Timesys’ use of standard Linux build tools (make, configure) and timely responses to our questions, puts Timesys in first position to support our advanced systems going forward.”

Bill Landolina, VP of Development, Technology Atlanta Corp.

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