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Develop a forward-looking strategy to keep your IoT device secure throughout its life cycle free

New ebook: Cybersecurity Primer for IoT/Embedded Devices

Get your copy of the new Timesys ebook, Cybersecurity Primer for IoT/Embedded Devices.

Featuring insights from Timesys’ experts, this complimentary guide provides an overview of the IoT device security lifecycle and highlights all the considerations in securing and maintaining IoT devices.

Cybersecurity Primer for IoT/Embedded Devices

The ebook includes details on:

  • Security requirements — understanding and developing security requirements with a focus on industry standards, threat modeling, and risk analysis
  • Design and implementation — designing and implementing security for hardware and software via secure by design, strategic hardware selection, and software supply chain security
  • Pre-launch security readiness — security considerations and preparing for product launch including security testing, certifications, and secure manufacturing
  • Post-launch maintenance — maintaining security post-launch with vulnerability monitoring, regular security updates, and incident management

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