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Linux Kernel

LinuxLink embedded Linux distributions are geared towards the needs of embedded and real-time systems developers and are available for a variety of processor architectures and boards. At its core is version 4.x of the Linux kernel, which represents significant evolution from earlier versions of the kernel, including full pre-emptibility and enhancements that make it suitable for use in carrier-grade and data-grade environments.

These enhancements mean that any applications developed for Linux will run on these distributions without modification or even recompilation, making a wide range of open source and third-party commercial application software readily available on the operating system.

Timesys saves you time by providing kernels that are pre-patched with: hardware-specific drivers from both the semiconductor manufacturers and community, fixes and enhancements from Timesys engineers, and where applicable, customer-submitted patches. The kernels are verified and tested with a current LTP test suite. For those who prefer, Timesys maintains a git tree where patches can be individually applied by the customer.

The Timesys LinuxLink kernel:

  • Avoids proprietary branch or version locking. Timesys focuses on making embedded linux device development flexible, consistent and easy. As a result, LinuxLink is updated at least twice a year to ensure support for the most recent stable kernel. This allows developers to make use of the latest new features supported by Linux.
  • Saves you the time of gathering, applying and validating various fixes and patches.
  • Get up and running on your development kit within minutes. No need to write/debug drivers yourself.
  • Allows your platform to meet more stringent timing requirements, out of box.
  • Provides a selection of open source kernels to choose from.


Timesys LinuxLink Kernel features:

Real-time embedded Linux

Integrated and tested for select processors

Pre-built configurations

Key embedded configurations such as power management, small footprint, real-time and boot time optimized have been pre-built and tested

Patches and fixes

Patches from semiconductor and SOM partners and from community maintainers are applied

Device drivers

Integrated and tested device drivers relevant to a development kit

Kernel recency

Recent mainline kernel from with included drivers

Extensive core architecture support

All popular architectures such as x86, ARM, MIPS, and Power are supported

Broad Systems on Module (SoM) support

Optimized kernels for a wide variety of Systems on Chips (SoCs) — AMCC, NXP (Freescale), Atmel, Intel, Marvell, Renesas, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, etc.

Pre-built board support packages (BSPs)

Complete BSPs for board level products from industry leading suppliers

Have questions about any of our embedded Linux products?

We’ be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information about how Timesys products make development easier and can help reduce development delays and risk. To contact us, you can fill out our online form, email or call us at 1.888.432.8463 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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