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Building Embedded Software Efficiently with an IDE

Learn IDE-assisted software development best practices that can help you minimize the number of challenges you encounter and reduce development delays when building your value-add embedded Linux-based application.

This four-session webinar series will utilize open source Linux and Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE for embedded application- and system-level development. You’ll see how TimeStorm provides a consistent development experience while providing application developers with the flexibility they need to be more efficient and productive.

The sessions in this Timesys University track are designed to provide an overview of the application Linux development process, including assembly of the development environment and its use to code, debug, optimize and maintain complex applications.

This track consists of the following four 45-minute sessions:

Timesys TimeStorm Webinar Series

Introduction to Timesys
TimeStorm IDE

Session 1: Introduction to Timesys TimeStorm IDE

To build embedded software efficiently, you need to streamline your development workflow.

During this session, you’ll see how Timesys TimeStorm enables you to execute the same development process — regardless of SDK or hardware, enables you to easily manage and share project code, and gives you direct access to reference and custom SDKs for your target hardware.

Topics discussed include:

  • Setting up the development environment
  • Source code management (SCM)
  • TimeStorm’s integration with the Timesys Cloud
  • Efficient SDK management — Yocto Project and others
  • Working with multiple target systems

Timesys TimeStorm Webinar Series

Application Development & Debug
with TimeStorm

Session 2: Application Development and Debugging with TimeStorm

To build embedded software efficiently, you need to simplify your development process, thus reducing the time spent executing application-level development tasks.

This session will give an overview of Timesys TimeStorm project Wizards and illustrate how easy starting any type of embedded C/C++ project can be. Next, you’ll see how you can launch or debug software on different hardware targets with different option as well as how, with a single option change, you can switch between multiple target platforms/configurations.

Topics discussed include:

  • C/C++ application development
  • CMake-based projects
  • Application debugging
  • Multi-threaded applications
  • How to import existing projects into TimeStorm

Timesys TimeStorm Webinar Series

System-Level Development & Debug
with TimeStorm

Session 3: System-Level Development and Debugging with TimeStorm

To build embedded software efficiently, you need to simplify your development process, thus reducing the time spent executing system-level development tasks.

From editing Linux kernel sources and building the Linux kernel images and associated DTB files – to using vmlinux for debugging and deploying LKMs to a target, you’ll see how TimeStorm’s dedicated Linux kernel and Loadable Kernel Modules (LKM) project wizards help to simplify system-level development tasks.

Topics discussed include:

  • Linux kernel project
  • LKM project
  • Linux kernel debugging

Timesys TimeStorm Webinar Series

Code Optimizations
with TimeStorm

Session 4: Code Optimizations with TimeStorm

To build embedded software efficiently, you need to accelerate your development.

This final session in the series showcases Timesys TimeStorm advanced features. You’ll see how TimeStorm enables you to use one tool for profiling and tracing as well as how code optimizer visualization makes it easy to identify where the issues are and edit your code.

Topics discussed include:

  • Profiling (GProf, OProfile)
  • Tracing (LTTng)
  • Code coverage (Gcov)
  • Memory analysis (Valgrind)

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