Self-Directed Training and Development Resources

Learn — on your schedule.

In open source environments, many developers like to do things on their own, at their own pace, when they need it. Whether you are a Linux novice or expert, Timesys University offers a broad range of free training resources, from webinars and “HowTo” videos, to demo images that you can download and run on your board or use as a starting point from which to customize your own demo.

Timesys’ Self-Directed Training and Development Resources include:


Learn from short “How To” videos that range from guiding embedded Linux developers through the use of Timesys’ embedded Linux development tools to providing help with common embedded Linux tasks such as building a minimal root filesystem from scratch.


In addition to our support, training, and services offerings, Timesys offers special webinars to help you with your embedded Linux project and provide insight on embedded Linux topics. Timesys webinars are available on-demand, so you can view them at your convenience.

Demo Images

Timesys has demo images for popular development platforms. You can download available demo images and run them on your board or use them as a starting point from which to customize your own demo.


Timesys’ documentation library provides users with docs that describe most aspects of embedded Linux development and provide information about getting the most out of LinuxLink. Our resources range from getting started guides to “HowTo” docs. Timesys’ docs are available to registered users in LinuxLink.


Listen to podcasts geared toward developers of embedded Linux. LinuxLink Radio podcasts feature commentary on common issues, guest interviews, featured LinuxLink projects, and more. You can subscribe to our podcasts, which are available in both MP3 and OGG formats.

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