Secure by Design: Build more secure Linux based IoT solutions with Advantech platforms

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In today’s heightened cyber threat environment, embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices require the strongest security possible at deployment and throughout their product lifecycle.

To minimize the risk of putting your devices and customers at risk, the following security questions must be considered.

How can I ensure only authenticated software is running on my device?
How can I protect my IP and ensure the confidentiality of sensitive user information?
How can I maintain a strong security posture once my device is deployed in production?
How can I securely update the firmware or application software of my devices in the field?

Join Advantech and Timesys for this webinar to learn best practices for building a highly secure IoT platform.

We will discuss:

  • Advantages of Advantech IoT platforms, including the Arm RISC IoT gateway
  • Software integrity and data confidentiality: Implementing secure boot using hardware root of trust; extending the chain of trust; full disk encryption.
  • Data isolation / partitioning: Leveraging ArmTrustZone and OP-TEE.
  • Hardening: Linux kernel security features and hardening the kernel for security; reducing the system security attack surface and access control mechanisms.
  • OTA: Designing a fail-safe secure software update using open source software.
  • Secure communication: Best practices for securing your cloud connection.
  • Maintaining ongoing security: Vulnerability monitoring and management overview.

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