Overcoming Your Hesitation to Migrate to a Linux Device Tree Kernel

The device tree is where the Linux kernel is informed about a specific piece of hardware we’ve added or removed, so that the kernel can load the right driver to handle it (or refrain from doing so, if the hardware was removed). This is also where specific information about the hardware is conveyed. For many developers who want to upgrade the Linux kernel running in their existing devices, converting their board-specific code to device tree format can seem like a daunting task.

Are you hesitant to make the move to a newer version of the Linux kernel because of the need to update to the Linux device tree? During this 45-minute event, Al Feczko, Timesys VP of Sales and Field Engineering, will give you an overview of device trees and explain why you shouldn’t hesitate to upgrade from a pre-device tree kernel to a post-device tree kernel.

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