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6 Popular Embedded Linux Packages

As every long-time embedded engineer understands, requiring a larger Flash memory size typically results in a higher BOM cost. And, while Flash chip sizes continue to follow Moore’s law, that doesn’t mean you should waste megabytes of storage on unnecessary open source middleware, when that memory could be used more effectively by your own custom applications.

While it may be possible to install desktop-style distributions on modern 32-bit embedded processors, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Many commonly used Linux applications, utilities and libraries for desktop or server Linux have near equivalent smaller footprint versions that have been developed specifically for use in embedded systems. Timesys VP of Sales and Field Engineering, Al Feczko, shares 6 popular packages available in the Timesys LinuxLink repository today that can make your customized version of embedded Linux fit nicely into a smaller Flash memory footprint.

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