Using Yocto to Develop Your Next Product

During this 45-minute webinar, Maciej Halasz, Timesys VP of Technology and Bob Blumenscheid, Ka-Ro Business Development – North America will provide an overview of LinuxLink 5.0 and the Yocto training included in the Ka-Ro Product QuickStart Kit.

Webinar Agenda

  • Hardware included in the Product QuickStart Kit
  • Introduction to LinuxLink and training provided
  • LinuxLink 5.0 demo


While the Yocto Project provides a rich development environment, it comes with a steep learning curve that can derail your development schedule right from the start. Timesys and Ka-Ro have joined forces to create the Product QuickStart Kit — the first development kit that integrates:

  • Development hardware,
  • Software development environment and
  • Live online training

What’s in the Ka-Ro Product QuickStart Kit?

This kit includes the Ka-Ro TX6UL Computer-on-Module with the new NXP i.MX 6UltraLite processor. The modern ARM Cortex A7 core is ideal for industrial products and devices that need low power and efficient operation. The baseboard for the COM includes dual Ethernet, dual CAN and Wi-Fi connectivity. Complete baseboard schematics and BOM are included for rapid hardware development. Both the COM and baseboard have an industrial temperature operating range.

To accelerate software development, Timesys has included support for the Ka-Ro TX6UL and the Product QuickStart Kit in the LinuxLink 5.0 development environment, which now supports Yocto-based development. In the 2-hour one-on-one training session included with the kit, a Timesys expert will guide you through Linux setup on your kit and provide an introduction to the LinuxLink Yocto development environment. You’ll learn hands-on how to build and deploy a custom Yocto BSP with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity on the development kit. After training, you’ll be ready to start application development on the TX6UL with Yocto using LinuxLink.

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