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Like many engineering teams today, you may be wondering if Android™ is right for your next project. Timesys Software Engineering Services offers both Evaluation and Design services for Android to help you build Your Android offering to your specifications — and with confidence.

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Timesys Services for Android

build your Android product on your schedule and to your specifications

Build your Android product on your schedule and to your specifications

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Timesys Services for Android

increase development efficiency, reduce project costs

Increase development efficiency, reduce project costs

Android Evaluation Service

The Timesys engineering team will analyze your specific product requirements, and make recommendations tailored to meet both those requirements and your engineering teams’ Android and Linux experience. The advice will be aligned with your current engineering processes so you can decide on the next steps to take with your Android project.

The Timesys analysis will provide you with:

  • Detailed information on the current set of devices on your custom board, and it will identify the ones that have Android support and those that will require development.
  • Your company-specific Android needs, such as integration of new devices, Android extension to support additional function APIs or advice on the best approach for migrating an existing product to Android.

The Android Evaluation Service includes:

  • Phone consultations that will enable us to gain an understanding of your specific requirements.
  • A hands-on session to get your team set up with the Android development environment, after which your team will be ready to build Android applications and rebuild the Android system.

Android Porting and Design Services

At Timesys, we understand that often times your preference is to use your resources to develop value-add software that will differentiate your product. In addition to the Android Evaluation Service, Timesys also offers professional services to help you with all aspects of your Android design, enabling you to build your product on your schedule and to your specifications.

Timesys has many years of experience helping companies build embedded Linux products with or without real-time enhancements and design various media devices with a modern GUI using Qt, Maemo and Android.

Timesys Android Porting and Design Services can help with all aspects of your Android product including:

  • Setup and configuration of the Android development environment
  • Setup of tools and training
  • Integration of your company’s Source Code Management system
  • BSP creation and board bring up
  • Porting of the Linux kernel to your custom hardware
  • Kernel optimizations (power management, etc.)
  • Integration of mixed Android/non-Android software stacks on custom hardware
  • Android application development
  • Customization of Android look and feel
  • Integration of hardware acceleration with Android
  • Running Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) for your use case and providing a report
  • Providing a complete turnkey solution

Timesys’ deliverables will be fully tested to meet your quality requirements. We will work with your project management team or provide one for you so that you have an understanding of schedules, milestones and deliverables at all times.

Timesys will also provide support so that you can feel comfortable delivering your product to market, knowing you have the backing of a trusted commercial Linux / Android vendor.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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