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Timesys’ Source Code Repositories

Save time. Jump ahead. Avoid “code cleaning.”

Timesys’ Source Code Repositories enable developers to save time, get a head start, and avoid the advanced, complicated, time-consuming task of gathering and “cleaning” open source code for Linux BSP / SDKs. Timesys’ repositories provide “cleaned” source code, preconfigured kernels, hosted bootloaders and 2000+ maintained packages for both of Timesys open source build environments — Yocto Project Café and Factory. To create the repositories, Timesys gathers Linux components and patches from kernel.org, hardware partners, and common open source projects. It then generates recipes for building projects for a wide range of popular embedded processors and development kits to ensure consistency.

Timesys’ Source Code Repository Components Include:


Prepatched with hardware-specific drivers from both the semiconductor manufacturers and community, kernel git trees ready to be cloned and forked, fixes and enhancements from Timesys engineers, and where applicable, customer-submitted patches.

Packages & Libraries

Each package is pulled from its upstream project, making the latest fixes and enhancements available to customers. Our automated update notification service notifies users when packages they have included in their builds are updated. This selective notification ensures that relevant update information is not lost in a mass of irrelevant update notices. As with the toolchain, older versions may be selected in the build environment by those customers not ready to upgrade.


We host bootloaders for select processors and associated development kits. Whether hosted by Timesys or delivered “on-board,” all Timesys Linux platforms are built and tested for compatibility with the semiconductor partner’s suggested bootloader.

Features and Benefits Applicable to All Components of the Repository Include:

Pristine sources from upstream

  • Always have access to pristine upstream sources
  • Useful as baseline
  • Never worry about losing access to a file on website that’s been shut down

Timesys fixes and enhancements stored as patch files

  • Logical and expressive naming, associating patch with application and specific change/feature
  • Plain text patches, ready to be imported into version control
  • Single location for sources and patches for each package/library/middleware

Easy-to-navigate structure

  • Every package / library / middleware has a directory
  • Every version has a directory with patches and upstream sources
  • Easy to mirror for local, offline work

Want access to Timesys’ Source Code Repository?

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