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Application Development and Mobile Access

Mobile. Access. Management. — You are virtually there.

Cross-platform, mobile access is table stakes in many industries these days. Unfortunately, with all of the mobile OSes, UIs, networking technologies and devices (to support and test), embedded developers are likely to need help. Timesys can help them get to market faster with knowledgeable engineers, filling project resource and skills gaps.

Our Application Development and Mobile Access Services Include:

Application Development

We develop enterprise-grade mobile workforce solutions that feature real-time visibility, proactive monitoring and alerting, reporting and analytics capabilities. The mobile applications we build adhere to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and security requirements. Our expertise spans:

  • Automating Workflows and Productivity Improvements,
  • Line of Business (LoB) Applications,
  • Analytics & Big Data and
  • Extending a Legacy Application Interface to a Mobile Device.


At the application design stage, we take into consideration factors that include application type, functionality, target audience, expected user interaction and device hardware to design solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

We leverage our expertise in open source UI frameworks such as Qt and Cordova, to design and deliver responsive UIs that are intuitive and optimized for mobile.

Multi-device Testing

With our testing service, we can help ensure an enhanced user experience and complete application security across all devices and operating system variants. The application software testing that we conduct includes:

  • Functional,
  • System,
  • Performance/Load,
  • Usability and
  • Security

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