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Timesys Project-Based Support: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is covered under a support contract?

A Timesys Support contract includes help with troubleshooting typical embedded Linux development issues/questions that arise, such as how to ensure the reproducibility of builds, which device drivers are functional, how to patch the kernel and keep local patches, etc.

What is a contact point, and how many do I get with a support contract?

While all project team members may read available Timesys documentation, not all team members can submit support questions. A contact point is a dedicated team member who is allowed to submit support questions.

A Timesys support contract initially allows for up to three contact points. If needed, additional contact points can be added to a support contract as a purchased “add-on.”

Can I reassign support contact points?

Yes. At any time during your support term, you can reassign contact points.

What is the expected response time when submitting a support question?

Your question is acknowledged within 24 hours. Time to resolution depends upon the question and complexity.

How will I know how many hours have been used?

The hours used will be displayed on your LinuxLink dashboard.

Will Timesys estimate how much time will be spent on a support request, prior to actually spending the time to resolve the issue? In cases where the estimate is significant, I might want to withdraw my support request.

Timesys engineering typically spends up to 4 hours assessing the complexity while trying to resolve each issue. For issues requiring significant time (more than 8 hours), you will be provided with the number of hours we estimate it will take to resolve, and we won’t proceed unless we have your approval to do so.

Do unused support hours get rolled over to the next term?

No. Support hours not used will expire at the end of the term.

Can additional support blocks be added to the project as we need them?

Yes. At any time, you can purchase additional blocks of support hours.

Can I upgrade to a different package and just pay the difference?

You have 30-days after purchase to upgrade and only pay the difference.

Will a single Timesys support person be assigned to our project and handle our support tickets?

Timesys assigns to your project an account manager who will monitor all your support requests.

What is the difference between Support and Services? How do I determine if I need support or if my need is a better fit for a services project?

Timesys Support provides developers with the help they need to troubleshoot development issues that arise. Timesys support engagements do not include the writing of code.

For those projects where you require additional engineering resources and/or expertise, Timesys can undertake a portion of your project development or deliver to you a turnkey solution. These types of projects are Services projects, and typically include the writing of code.

Does the purchase of a support contract include support for TimeStorm?

Yes, for customers who have purchased a TimeStorm seat, support hours can be used toward TimeStorm and application development related issues.

Does the purchase of TimeStorm include support?

A TimeStorm seat comes with standard support which includes updates, bug fixes, and installation issues. The standard support does not include application development and Linux customization related questions. For any development related questions, one must have a support contract.

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