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Timesys Remote Access Embedded Board Farm

Shared Remote Development and Debugging

  • Reduce project budget by providing all teams with access to the
    same hardware boards globally
  • Shorten your time-to-market by providing early access to hardware boards
    and working prototypes
  • Improve productivity by efficiently managing resources

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Timesys Remote Access EBF

Shared Remote Hardware Access

Remote Access to Hardware Boards

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Timesys Remote Access EBF

Universal Tool for High Efficiency

Universal Tool for High Efficiency

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Test Automation Solution

Automate testing and embed continuous testing into development

Make Development Process More Efficient

On-Premises, Remote Access EBF:
Private, behind your firewall, and completely in your team’s control

Timesys BFC master zombies DUT

The Timesys EBF is a unique solution that bridges geographical gaps and presents the shared hardware as if it were locally sitting next to the user with full control.

Timesys BFC Master


  • On-premises, centrally located user-provided server
  • Runs the necessary software that forms the core of the EBF
  • Connects to various Zombies
Timesys BFC Zombie


  • Allows remote access to up to four hardware boards or Devices Under Test (DUT)s
  • Can be placed at various locations around the company where the Zombie has enterprise network connectivity to the Master
Timesys BFC IO-CX


  • Connects each board / DUT to a Zombie
  • Extends the capability for a Zombie to control each board by adding SD card mux, USB mux, hot plug, I2C, and GPIO
Timesys BFC DUT

Device Under Test (DUT)

  • User-provided hardware boards or devices

The cost of hardware and distribution of teams, whether globally or within the same building, often means hardware availability constraints at various stages of development, which can delay bringing new products to market.

For departments like platform, application development, test, manufacturing test, and QA, having timely access to hardware resources during the development cycle is key to finding and fixing issues early and ensuring product quality.

If available to other teams, the same hardware resources could be used to help customers with product evaluation, to deliver focused customer support, and to troubleshoot problems in the field.

With Timesys’ Remote Access EBF, your teams can:

Access shared hardware resources from anywhere, requiring fewer pieces of project hardware

Begin key software development and test activities earlier, minimizing schedule delays and avoiding forced trade-offs that result in product quality or value compromises

Collaborate remotely and improve product quality by having access to the same resources globally for development, test, quality control and debugging

Efficiently share hardware with other departments, enabling support engineering, sales, and field engineering to access hardware they need, when they need it

A Universal Tool for High Efficiency

Similar user experience as the local board

The Timesys Remote Access EBF delivers remote board debugging capabilities as if the hardware were physically located next to the engineer.

With features that include remote power cycle, console access, support for different power modules, various boot options, expansion capability, user-toggled USB/Ethernet connections through hot plugs, remote monitoring, and more, the EBF enables full control over hardware from anywhere.

Timesys BFC allows full control of the hardware

Timesys Remote Access Embedded Board Farm enables easy testing using Continuous Integration and test automation

Scalable solution

The Timesys Remote Access EBF allows for a large number of Devices Under Test (DUT) to be connected, enabling new versions of hardware and software to be easily tested using Continuous Integration (CI) and test automation.

Combined with CI techniques, the EBF provides a high-efficiency continuous testing and smoke testing infrastructure for automated test labs, including stress and load tests.

The Timesys EBF provides a common infrastructure for test automation. EBF is architected with Rest APIs, so any test automation framework can be plugged in easily.

Centralized hardware board resource management

With the Timesys Remote Access EBF, multiple products, product versions, and generations are managed from a centralized dashboard.

The intuitive Timesys EBF dashboard is accessible from anywhere via web browser, simplifying inventory management and increasing hardware availability for sharing with other project teams as well as sales, R&D, sustaining and support engineering.

Timesys BFC dashboard provides an intuitive UI

See the Timesys Remote Access EBF in action

Watch Overview of Timesys’ Remote Access Embedded Board Farm

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