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Timesys’ Embedded Board Farm (EBF) lets you seamlessly access your hardware boards from anywhere as if it were right next to you. And we’ve just made it even easier and more convenient by adding our command line interface (CLI).

This provides embedded software engineers with two major benefits:

  1. Stay in your preferred workflow: the EBF CLI allows you to do all your work using your preferred tools (shell, emacs, vim, etc.) without opening a web browser. It allows you to easily open up remote serial debug sessions without having to look up networking information, as if the device was local. Just use your own terminal emulator with all of your preferred settings (colors, fonts, modifier keys, etc.).
  2. Automation: No more mundane steps to slow you down every time you build. You can easily write commands in a script and run a series of commands to automate your work.Want to see how? Take it from Kitty Drake:

The CLI provides access to these Embedded Board Farm functions for automation and integration with third-party tools like test automation frameworks like Fuego and CI systems like Jenkins:

  • Device Management
  • Console Access
  • Power Control
  • Hotplug Control
  • GPIO Access
  • Image Management
    • Netboot
    • SDCard Boot
    • USB Boot
  • SDCard and USB
    • Formatting and Partitioning
    • Backup
  • File Upload / Download from Device
  • Command Execution on Device
  • EBF Server File Management

Want to see how the CLI for EBF can enhance your remote work experience? Take a deeper dive into Timesys’ Embedded Board Farm here, and schedule a demo here:

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Leah Simoncelli is the Digital & Community Engagement Manager at Timesys. Additionally, she runs a global pitch competition for hardware startups with Innovation Works, one of the most active seed stage investors in the country. She has over a decade of experience in marketing, management and communication and holds a BA from American University in Washington, DC.

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Timesys has extensive experience with embedded system development and lifecycle management. Timesys has been instrumental in working with global leader semiconductor manufacturers with smart, quick and quality solutions for highly complex systems with accelerated product innovation and multiple product variants.

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