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Timesys Test Automation Solution (TAS)

  • Meet ever-rising system quality requirements
  • Automate testing and embed continuous testing into development
  • Accelerate time-to-market for higher quality, more stable applications

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Test Automation Solution

Make the development process more efficient

Make the development process more efficient

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Test Automation Solution

Deliver higher quality products at lower cost

Deliver higher quality products
at lower cost

Access Boards Remotely

Timesys Embedded Board Farm

Access Hardware Boards Remotely

Shared Remote Development and Debugging

TAS: Built on Open Source and deployed behind your firewall

Timesys remote debugging and continuous testing

Devices and other products with embedded systems need bug-free, responsive and stable applications that provide the best user experience, high uptime and error-free operation.

At the same time, increasing competition and security issues compress development and delivery schedules, and demand quicker deployment of product updates and security fixes.

If the embedded system application is being used for devices in industries such as medical, automotive, or industrial automation, extensive testing is required.

With TAS, your Test team and QA team can:

Develop new test cases, test suites and integrate existing test cases using Embedded Board Farm (EBF) APIs.

Create test jobs for test automation and integrate them with Continuous Integration frameworks like Jenkins.

Generate reports for quality analysis and inspection, making the development process more efficient and enabling the delivery of higher quality products at lower cost.

Streamline Your Testing & Development Cycles

Timesys Test Automation Solution

Designed to complement and extend your existing test infrastructure

TAS is composed of six major components.

  • Remote Access Embedded Board Farm: Features APIs to integrate test automation frameworks and develop test cases for embedded devices
  • Test Framework: Pre-integrated LAVA Test Automation Framework, extensible and bundled with open-source test case templates, test job wizard for scheduling tests, and email notification of test job status
  • CI System: Pre-Integrated with Jenkins, a Continuous Integration (CI) system, enables continual testing to reveal functional and performance regressions at Linux kernel, OS, and application levels
  • Development Environment and Build Systems Integration: Pre-integrated with Yocto BSPs and Timesys Factory BSPs
  • Test Case Management: Built-in with creation of test cases, test suites, and test plans and importing of existing test case capabilities
  • Report Management: Report Generation in multiple formats, report comparison between test job runs and import of test reports from other test frameworks

Flexible and extensible

Timesys’ TAS allows integration with other CI systems, build systems, test frameworks and test case management software.

Timesys TAS is integrated with CI systems, build systems, test frameworks and test case management software

Rest API Test Automation


Timesys’ TAS comes with some pre-integrated components as well as APIs to enable easy integration of other components:

  • Accessible via browser from anywhere
  • Continuous integration system plugins: Jenkins, Bamboo, Buildbot
  • Source code management integration: Git
  • Build system integration: Yocto, Factory
  • Test automation framework for pipelining and executing the tests: LAVA, Squish*, Fuego
  • Scheduling policy management: Jenkins, manual
  • Test repository (basic built-in)
  • Open source test libraries templates
  • Device layer: 24x7 availability of boards with APIs for executing the automated tests using Timesys EBF
  • Reporting (html, xml, xls, JUnit)


  • Code quality — Ability to track and show consistency and measurable improvement in code quality by comparing results over time
  • Functional regression — Ability to catch functional regression early in the development cycle
  • Performance regression — Enables timely discovery of performance degradation vs. waiting for the QA/Validation cycle
  • Continuous development — Integration with Timesys Remote Access EBF enables discovery of bugs and performance issues early in the development cycle
  • Repeatability — Variability in testing methodology implicit with manual testing is eliminated
  • Release ready — Reduces cycle time for release preparedness, important for bug fixes and vulnerability patches
  • Summarized reports — Enables easy comparison of reports
  • Easy integration with your existing workflow
  • Build and source code management (SCM) system independent
  • CI integration service
  • Track and trace — Documentation to assist certification or internal audit for development maturity models

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