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Timesys is a froglogic Partner

As a froglogic partner, Timesys can help you automate remote testing of Qt and Web GUIs with Squish on your actual hardware

froglogic Squish + Timesys On-Premises Board Farm Cloud (BFC) = Highest UI quality, no matter where your hardware boards are located

Using Squish and the Timesys BFC, you can:

Enable remote UI testing on actual hardware, including different versions of boards at multiple locations

Enable global access to automated test frameworks and processes

Enable full control of the system by development and test teams

Leverage live video streaming to confirm proper test execution on your remote target board

Seamless Integration with Squish

The Timesys BFC provides a standardized infrastructure for adding and managing hardware across locations.

The BFC extends Squish automated Qt and Web GUI testing to your hardware, no matter where the hardware is located geographically. The BFC provides you and your team with remote access to actual boards when you need it, eliminating the challenges that stem from having limited access to hardware resources.

The Squish-BFC solution enables you to:

  • Scale your automated Qt and Web GUI testing
  • Accelerate the verification of Qt and Web GUI behavior, enabling reduced time-to-market for your product
  • Select images you want to run by providing the ability to remote deploy SD card images with Squish-aware runtime software

Download Solutions Brief    View BFC Details

Squish GUI Tesing Using the Timesys Board Farm Cloud

See the Squish-BFC solution in action

Watch Squish for Qt Using Timesys Board Farm Cloud Video

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