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Timesys Embedded Application Development Services

Focused engineering expertise for your embedded systems & IoT devices

Developing embedded applications is not the same as developing enterprise or cloud web applications. Embedded application development is a unique discipline that requires an understanding of underlying APIs and OS such as embedded Linux, enabling developers to leverage hardware for optimal performance and memory footprint. Additionally, resource constraints, security, and real-time considerations increase the level of expertise required to connect the edge to the cloud.

At Timesys, we offer decades of expertise in embedded system design and engineering, embedded Linux development, security, connectivity, UI and web-based application development. We provide you with best practices and support for a complete software lifecycle from design, development and security maintenance to secure field upgradability for embedded applications.

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Deep engineering expertise for embedded systems IoT devices

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Timesys Engineering Services

Deep engineering expertise for embedded systems and IoT devices

Deep engineering expertise for
embedded systems & IoT devices

With Timesys’ embedded applications expertise, you can:

Accelerate development of embedded applications featuring optimized response times, low memory and compact footprint for IoT, IIoT, ICS, medical devices, industrial systems, transportation systems, and more.

Deliver embedded applications featuring intuitive UIs that enhance user experience and meet or exceed user expectations.

Implement best practices for designing security into embedded applications, managing security and updating devices in deployment.

Our Expertise

Embedded Web Server Apps

Drawing upon our expertise in embedded OSes, we specialize in delivering apps and Web services that are built for servers embedded in a device.

Our apps feature:

  • Quick launch and response times — Apps are optimized for low memory and compact footprint of an embedded device.
  • Responsive UIs that are accessed by devices and / or desktop Web applications.
  • Multiple simultaneous sessions.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate designs.


Internet of Things (IoT)

We leverage our expertise in real-time embedded software, along with RTLinux, RTOSes, drivers, firmware, and connectivity to deliver connected applications for IoT solutions in markets that include industrial automation, home automation, commercial building control, and more as well as for wearables and devices.

We bring you best practices and services to accelerate IoT development and integration and bring your products to market faster and with stronger security.

User Experience (UX) Design

At the application design stage, we take into consideration factors that include application type, functionality, target audience, expected user interaction and device hardware to design solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers. We then create user experience diagrams for each end user and their workflow to design an intuitive, fast and appealing UI.

Leveraging our expertise in open source UI frameworks such as Qt and Cordova, we design and deliver responsive UIs that are intuitive and optimized for mobile.

From content structure to navigation elements, we focus on enabling an enhanced user experience.

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