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Embedded Linux Support for Yocto Project Development

Easier, faster Yocto Project based development

Timesys has decades of experience with embedded Linux development and support and is a founding member of the Yocto Project.  As part of our development solutions, we offer a unique Yocto Project development support service that enables you to bring your own BSP.  When you subscribe to our Yocto development support, we will help you throughout your product life cycle — starting from your proof of concept on a standard development kit BSP, to your custom BSP development for your custom hardware.

Bring Your Own BSP Support

Our “bring your own BSP” Yocto development support topics include:

  • Development environment/host setup issues
  • Yocto meta-layers issues
  • Build or configuration-related issues with libraries and packages
  • Run time issues

By reproducing the issue on the development kit or on your custom board, our engineers help you find the right set of patches, configuration settings, etc. related to booting the board, device driver operation, kernel configuration, networking connectivity, and more.

Additionally, we offer an optional Jump Start training to help you learn Yocto and bring you up to speed with building an embedded Linux device based on Yocto Project standards.

Timesys Yocto Project Cafe is engineers helping engineers

Embedded Linux Development Solutions for Yocto Project

Our most popular training, Timesys Jump Start, is a customized 2-day course with hands-on exercises based on your application requirements that’s designed to help get you / your team up and running with Yocto quickly.

Our security monitoring and notification service eliminates the time spent monitoring CVEs and assessing their risks. With our update management service, you can selectively apply updates and security patches into your software, allowing you to remain in control of what gets updated.

The Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance and Timesys TRST teams have the expertise to maintain the security of your BSP, on your custom hardware, allowing your team to focus on developing your next product. With Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance, you can reduce the overall cost of maintaining your embedded device by up to 60%.

Premium Yocto Support

  • Up to three named customer contact points eligible to submit support requests
  • Email-based technical support
  • Web-based ticketing / tracking system via Timesys’ LinuxLink portal

Platinum Yocto Support

  • Includes all Premium features
  • Integration of your custom board and associated custom Linux build into Timesys’ board farm and shared source repository

Our Timesys TAS helps to minimize manual testing and improve code quality while accelerating release schedules.

Additional Support Options

We also offer additional development support options for those developers / teams requiring:

  • Additional contact points
  • Support for multi-processor projects
  • Additional web training hours
  • Additional engineering consulting hours

Need help building your Yocto Project based BSP / SDK?

Contact us for subscription pricing, or get a free 30-minute consultation session on how we can help develop part or all of your embedded Linux BSP for you. Just fill out the appropriate online form, email us at sales@timesys.com or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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