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TRST Stay Secure

Timesys Vigiles™: Keep your software secure

Vigiles continuously scans for vulnerabilities & patches to keep your software secure.

  • Strong product security throughout product lifecycles
  • Deploy open source components with less risk
  • Bring more secure products to market faster

Timesys Vigiles brings you constant vigilance.

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Timesys Vigiles

Maintain strong product security throughout your product lifecycles

Vulnerability & Patch Management

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Maintain strong product security throughout your product lifecycles

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How Timesys Vigiles Security Vulnerability and Patch Notification Works

Timesys Vigiles Vulnerability Monitoring

Vulnerability Monitoring

Vigiles continuously scans reports of known and new vulnerabilities and compares them to the specific components contained in your embedded system products. Alerts, notifications and reports enable you to understand vulnerabilities that affect your products in development and in production.

How It Works

1. Load Manifests

You load your product’s open source software (Yocto, Factory, Buildroot, CSV) manifests into Vigiles, which scans them to understand all components and versions. Manifests are stored securely in the Vigiles cloud and accessible only by you.

2. Vulnerability scans

Vigiles continuously scans Common Vulnerability & Exposures (CVEs) and other sources of vulnerability disclosures to create a dashboard and reports specific to your product manifests. Scanning and reporting are augmented by the Timesys TRST team, our group of security experts who curate vulnerability exceptions and reported errors to increase accuracy and reduce false positives.

Timesys Vigiles Security Vulnerability Management and Mitigation

Vulnerability Management & Mitigation

Vigiles provides your team with a powerful Vulnerability Management Dashboard, which may include Vigiles Plus’s flexible, intuitive communication and collaboration tools for assessing, prioritizing and collaborating on vulnerability mitigation.

How It Works

3. Vulnerability Dashboard

Vigiles automatically generates a real-time dashboard of the vulnerabilities identified for your product components, including summaries and reports based on severity, status and other characteristics. You can filter and sort vulnerabilities to understand and investigate the security profiles of your products.

4. Triage & Collaboration

Vigiles gives your team powerful communication and collaboration tools enabling you to investigate and triage vulnerabilities, prioritize and track mitigation actions, and streamline fixes. You can annotate vulnerabilities, whitelist them, assign actions and maintain your mitigation activity history.

Timesys Vigiles Advanced Vulnerability Mitigation Intelligence

Advanced Vulnerability Mitigation Intelligence

The advanced vulnerability mitigation features of Vigiles Prime provide your team with suggested fixes and Linux kernel patches for identified vulnerabilities, to accelerate mitigation and rapidly reduce security risk.

How It Works

5. Suggested Fix Alerts

Vigiles Prime provides notification of suggested fixes for security issues when a software component patch is available to address an identified vulnerability. The result will streamline your team’s mitigation analysis and actions and allow patching to be conducted in line with your development and testing processes.

6. Rescanning & Continuous Monitoring

Vigiles securely maintains current manifests of your products covering all development branches and continuously rescans and tracks vulnerabilities for all versions even after your product is released and in production. This enables your products to stay secure throughout their lifecycles.

Automatic vulnerability tracking for your projects

Hundreds of vulnerabilities are published every week. The Common Vulnerability & Exposure (CVE) database lists thousands of vulnerabilities that may have a direct impact on the security of your products, both in development and in production deployment.

Sifting through the flood of CVEs to pinpoint those affecting your products can be a heavily manual and time-consuming process. But not doing it means you are setting up your products — and the customers using them — as wide-open targets for attackers and breaches.

Timesys Vigiles automatically sorts through the mass of vulnerabilities to identify only those affecting your specific builds. Get started today.

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Filter out the noise

Vigiles utilizes advanced scanning and validation algorithms to identify vulnerabilities specific to your projects and software components. Vigiles filters out the noise.

The Vigiles tracking algorithm produces very high vulnerability identification accuracy combined with a very low false positive rate.

Our comparison tests show Vigiles can cut your vulnerability monitoring and mitigation cycles and costs by more than 90 percent compared to do-it-yourself vulnerability monitoring and mitigation.

The result is security management for your projects that is streamlined and highly efficient. Get started today.

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Unique mitigation collaboration tools & patch management

Identifying vulnerabilities is only the first step. What’s critical is how quickly and efficiently you analyze them and take action.

Vigiles Plus includes collaboration tools that accelerate vulnerability assessment, analysis and mitigation activities, including CVE filtering based on severity, commenting and annotation tools for collaborating on fixes, and whitelisting of CVEs based on prior mitigation history.

Vigiles Prime includes all the vulnerability detection and collaboration tools of Vigiles Plus, along with a unique Patch Notification & Management offering. Now your team can immediately know of available patches and software updates to keep your products secure, including the minimum versions that address identified CVEs.

Activate your risk-free version of Vigiles Prime, and get a no-cost, 30-day trial of the advanced collaboration and patch management tools. Get started today.

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