We are excited to announce a new collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors that enables product developers to maintain strong embedded system security throughout their product lifecycles.

The new offering combines our Timesys Vigiles Security Monitoring and Management Service with NXP processors to streamline and simplify security management.

As a result, developers using NXP processors in their products can automatically monitor and identify vulnerabilities in open source software components and Yocto Linux distributions rapidly and efficiently.

The Vigiles embedded device security service can cut security maintenance time and cost by an estimated 90 percent or more. You can learn more about NXP’s Vigiles offering here.

CVE Scanning Made Simple

Every week hundreds of new vulnerabilities are disclosed in notifications from services such as the Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVE) database operated by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Trying to manually monitor, analyze and address all those vulnerabilities in a CVE database quickly becomes unmanageable.

That’s why we introduced Vigiles, which includes an automated CVE scanner and CVE notifier, enabling product developers to pinpoint and focus on only the vulnerabilities affecting their products.

With Vigiles’ vulnerability report dashboard and collaboration tools, developers can track issues, prioritize vulnerabilities, and work together to fix them.

Engineering managers can view broad product level security status and track overall progress toward more secure products. Vigiles also automatically provides suggested fixes, such as providing patch notification and update information to simplify patch management.

Collaboration with NXP

Our CEO, Atul Bansal, says the collaboration with NXP will bring many benefits to developers of embedded system products.

“The pressure to bring new products to market quickly is always rising. But at the same time, security has never been more critical for embedded systems,” Atul says. “We’re collaborating with NXP to give product developers the best of both worlds. They not only can bring secure NXP processor-based products to market more rapidly but also ensure those products stay secure throughout their lifecycles.”

Vigiles information on NXP website

Rob Oshana, NXP’s vice president of software development, agreed, saying, “NXP is committed to ensuring that products built using our processors are as secure as possible, which is why we have chosen Timesys’ Vigiles scanning service.”

“Vulnerability scanning and patch management tools of this caliber have not previously been offered by a semiconductor manufacturer. We’re happy to offer this new level of security with the Vigiles scanning service to our customers.”

Individual developers can use Vigiles by signing up today for Vigiles SBOM Manager at https://nxp.com/vigiles

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