Constant vigilance is the key to bringing truly secure products to market.

Constant vigilance is what you get with our new real-time security monitoring and management service, Timesys Vigiles.

We named the new service after the famed city watchmen of ancient Rome. Like them, Vigiles is constantly watching, scanning for threats, and pinpointing the security risks that need to be managed.

And Vigiles brings you the power to make your products — and your customers — significantly more secure in today’s heightened threat environment.

Best of all, you can get started today for free.

Cutting through the CVE Storm

A record number of vulnerabilities were collected and reported last year in the database of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) maintained by the US government. If you were to try to manually monitor, investigate, mitigate and manage the CVEs affecting your products, you would need to be reviewing more than 300 individual CVEs every week.

Most people who manage, design and build products don’t have that kind of spare time.

That’s why Vigiles was invented. Vigiles automatically scans the flood of reported vulnerabilities and compares them to the contents of your products, to identify and flag the ones you need to focus on.

Vigiles keeps you constantly vigilant and cuts through the CVE storm to let you focus on what matters.

Triage & Mitigation Made Easy

Of course, knowing about a vulnerability that affects your products is only the first step. It’s also critical that you can assess the risk of a vulnerability and work quickly to mitigate that risk.

That’s why Vigiles Plus includes powerful triage and collaboration workspace tools for analyzing and fixing vulnerabilities.

The Vigiles Plus collaboration tools are built around the industry’s best practices for investigating and addressing vulnerabilities, allowing multiple team members to communicate and collaborate about each vulnerability.

The tools will accelerate your team’s process for vulnerability assessment and management, shortening the cycle to identify and fix the security risks that affect your products and customers.

Managing Patches for Stronger Security

But Vigiles does not stop there. The Vigiles Prime service introduces the industry’s first Targeted Vulnerability & Mitigation Tracker.

This unique capability will filter CVEs based on your actual configurations, monitor fixes across all branches, and flag previous fixes in earlier upgrades (Yocto only).

Vigiles Prime offers suggested fixes for identified vulnerabilities, including notification when patches are available for your specific product components.

The Prime service gives you the ability to understand patch availability and decide which patches are applied, allowing you to selectively patch components as needed to support your development and testing activities.

Now patching the software components of your products has never been simpler and faster, ensuring your product is fully up-to-date with the latest versions for the strongest possible security for your customers.

Ready to Make Your Products More Secure?

Timesys is the longtime leader in development tools and services that accelerate bringing products to market. We are a trusted partner to the most successful developers of embedded systems, Internet of Things and other products, providing essential tools and services for more than 1,000 projects across the industry.

Now you can tap the industry’s best services for bringing more secure products to market. With Timesys Vigiles, you can:

  • Maintain strong product security throughout your product lifecycles
  • Deploy open source components without increasing security risk
  • Bring more secure products to market faster
  • Make security a key product differentiator

And Vigiles lets you start today with full-featured vulnerability monitoring for free. Just click here to get started now.

Adam Boone is VP of Marketing at Timesys. Over two decades, Adam has launched more than 50 solutions in networking, cybersecurity, enterprise applications, telecom and other technology areas. He completed his MBA in Business Strategy at Arizona State and the Marketing Strategy Program at Penn’s Wharton School.

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