The world of embedded systems has gone through a massive transformation in recent years.

The rise of smart devices, the Internet of Things, mobile computing platforms, connected devices and a range of other innovations have driven embedded system deployments through the roof. Industry observers estimate IoT deployments alone account for 23 billion device deployments in 2018, up from 15 million in 2015. And that number is projected to triple in the next six years.

The explosion in demand has had a major impact on the makers of embedded systems and the products containing them.

Pressure is on to bring products to market faster, with broader functionality and richer feature sets. So, utilizing open source components and systems to build out product functionality has become a central strategy to accelerating time to market.

But at the same time, the wave of cyberattacks against IoT and other embedded systems show the critical need to bring these products to market with stronger security. By some estimates, attacks against IoT devices were up 600% in 2018, as new vulnerabilities and new exploits emerged. Thankfully, the old choice between getting to market fast or getting to market with a secure product is no longer the difficult trade-off it once was.

At Embedded World this month, Timesys and our partners will be highlighting our new development tools for accelerating the development of products with embedded systems, and ensuring those products have strong security by design and throughout their lifecycle.

On-Premises Board Farm Cloud

Access to hardware is a critical path item in bringing new products to market. Development, test, platform, application and QA teams all need to access to the range of hardware needed to meet end product requirements.

Not having access to boards, or having access too late in the cycle, can hamper project efficiency and process throughput, all resulting in schedule delays and slower time to market.

At Embedded World, we’ll be demonstrating the Timesys On-Premises Board Farm Cloud (BFC), a remotely accessed implementation of boards needed for your product development and testing. Stop by the STMicroelectronics booth — Hall 4A, Stand 138 — to explore how the BFC concept can remove the hardware bottleneck and accelerate time to market for your products.

Secure Linux

Embedded system security for open source has taken center stage as deployments, vulnerabilities and exploits have increased sharply.

Our Technical Director of Security, Akshay Bhat, will deliver a presentation at Embedded World on key security considerations for embedded system development and design, in his session on “Secure Boot, Chain of Trust, and Data Protection.

In addition to Timesys’ solutions for Secure By Design best practices, we’ve seen a major focus recently on “Stay Secure” techniques for maintaining strong product security postures once products are deployed in the field.

Visit the STMicroelectronics booth (Hall 4A, Stand 138) to take a look at our services for Security Vulnerability Notification and Patch Notification. These services can significantly streamline your ability to track, analyze and act on the vulnerabilities and patches that affect your products, ensuring your products stay secure and reduce breach risk for your customers into the future.

TimeStorm IDE

We recently announced a new version of our popular TimeStorm Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which streamlines, simplifies, and accelerates the creation of secure Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded Linux applications.

Stop by the STMicroelectronics booth (Hall 4A, Stand 138) to check out Timesys TimeStorm 5.3.2 IDE, which supports the development of applications and systems for IoT and other embedded devices using ARM, Power or x86 based processors.

See it all today

Drop us a note today if you want to meet up to see these innovations at Embedded World.

Not going to the show? No problem — we’d be happy to show you a demo today — just contact us.

Adam Boone is VP of Marketing at Timesys. Over two decades, Adam has launched more than 50 solutions in networking, cybersecurity, enterprise applications, telecom and other technology areas. He completed his MBA in Business Strategy at Arizona State and the Marketing Strategy Program at Penn’s Wharton School.

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