Timesys Software Engineering Expertise

Timesys Software Engineering Services range from consulting to designing, architecting, developing, and securing the platform/application software on various platforms. Our unique value comes from more than 20 years experience on numerous hardware platforms for projects involving bare metal through rich operating system (OS), including secure OS; solving complex problems; and in honing our software expertise overall — from low software layers through to the application layers, including the interface, the user experience, and connectivity.

Timesys Engineering Services address the full software development and maintenance lifecycle

Engineering Skill Sets

System Architecture / Design Consulting

Our team of software engineers has full embedded software lifecycle expertise beginning with requirements analysis and system architectures through code development and integration testing. Combine that expertise with one of the largest ecosystems of semiconductor, board/SoM, and software partners, and you have the bases covered.

Board Bring Up

We can help with custom board bring-up for a variety of architectures including ARM, Power, x86, and more. Our board bringup services range from setting up and booting the board from NAND, SD card, eMMC, etc. — to setting up the kernel and optimizing for various devices and peripherals.

BSP Customization

When Timesys takes on the primary development and testing role for your open source embedded project, you can get to market faster and allocate your resources to other strategic priorities. We ensure the project is completed on-time and with a smooth hand-off, so you can manage the overall product long-term.

Yocto Custom Layer Development

An early supporter and founding member of the Yocto Project, Timesys has the expertise to help you with Yocto customizations including adding your custom hardware definitions, adding packages, configuration changes, and kernel recipes.

Android System Development

Timesys has long helped with Android system development, including bringing up Android on new boards, upgrading to newer versions of AOSP, adding support and associated HAL for custom devices, UI and configuration changes, integration of non-Android software stacks (e.g., CAN, Bluetooth over iAP2), and running and analyzing results from Android CTS.

Kernel, Bootloader and Driver Upgrades

Kernel, bootloader, and driver upgrades are key to securing and maintaining your device. Our engineers have years of expertise with bootloader modifications, custom and new bootloader development, and fail-safe boot, and in writing device drivers for Audio, USB, networking, peripherals, System-on-Chip, and custom FPGA hardware.

Embedded Application Development

We offer decades of expertise in embedded system design and engineering, security, connectivity, UI and web-based application development with technologies that are proven to work on numerous platforms, meeting the exact performance requirements of your product. From design, development and security maintenance to secure field upgradability for embedded applications, we provide you with best practices and support for a complete software lifecycle.


Timesys provides complete end-to-end device security. We can help you implement security early in the design of your device, and we can help you maintain the security of your software after your product is deployed.

Linux OS/BSP Maintenance

Rely on Timesys to keep your product line updated and secure. Through years of implementing best practices, we’ve streamlined the Linux OS/BSP maintenance process, enabling us to maintain your BSP for you as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

IoT Development and Integration

Let Timesys help you empower your “Things” to provide intelligence. Timesys’ more than 20 years expertise with embedded open source software development leads us to believe open source is the way to go. And we focus on what we know — the embedded portion of the solution.

OS migration (Windows to Linux)

Timesys engineers are experts in OS migration, and have proven expertise in developing device drivers, BSPs, SDKs, and embedded OS kernels including Linux and Android. We provide tools that make embedded system development easy (Factory embedded Linux BSP build environment, TimeStorm). And we can provide post-deployment support and maintenance services as needed.

RTOS Development Support

We can help you migrate to RTOS so you can leverage the benefits of using an open source OS for your product development.

Embedded Technologies

Boot Time Optimization

From analyzing your system and making recommendations to implementing a solution, we offer professional services to help you with all aspects of reducing the system boot time of your product. Our boot time optimization solutions typically utilize open source technologies; for those requiring extremely fast boot times, we also employ a commercial solution.

Power Optimization

Our Professional Services team can help you with all aspects of reducing the power consumption of your product. We can analyze your design to determine where power is being consumed as well as implement recommended optimizations.

Camera / IPU

Timesys can help you with camera interface development. Our software engineering services capabilities include integration of MPI video cameras, USB camera encoding and decoding, device driver modifications, integration of hardware acceleration into streaming, audio video pipeline, support for H.264 … and more.


At the application design stage, we consider factors like application type, functionality, target audience, expected user interaction, and device hardware to design solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

We leverage our expertise in open source UI frameworks, such as Qt and Cordova, to design and deliver responsive UIs that are intuitive.

From content structure to navigation elements, we focus on enabling an enhanced user experience.

IP Protection

You can protect IP and sensitive user information by encrypting data/software. It is also critical to protect the key used for encryption using a secure storage mechanism. Additionally, software that handles confidential data should run from within a hardware/software-isolated environment.

We provide solutions and services that span:

  • Anti-cloning (IP and Data Protection)
  • Key Management and secure key storage
  • Data protection using encryption — In use, in motion, and at rest
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) using Arm TrustZone and OP-TEE
  • Device identity and authentication
Firmware Upgrade / OTA

We can design, develop and deliver centralized platforms for your enterprise-grade mobile solutions, enabling you to manage and deploy field updates. The platforms we build are capable of deploying applications on devices running embedded Linux, Android, and iOS; automating updates in any number of devices, and providing self-install capabilities for approved users.

Embedded Test Framework

Timesys provides a test framework that integrates easily into your CI/CD pipeline, enabling you to bring in remote testing of your hardware platform and test automation.

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The skills and technologies listed are just an example of our expertise.

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